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    Saturn's Moon Has River Like Earth's Nile

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Saturn's moon has a river that is comparable to the Nile in Egypt.

    A river comparable to the Nile River in has been photographed by NASA's Cassini spacecraft mission on one of Saturn’s moons named Titan.

    The river isn’t filled with flowing water, but a different liquid that scientists think is probably hydrocarbon.

    The river on Titan is over 250 miles long and ends near the north pole of the moon in a large sea called Kraken Mare.

    Titan is the only other celestial body discovered by humans that can sustain constantly flowing liquid.

    While Earth’s weather is based on the movement of water, Titan’s weather systems are hydrocarbon based, which makes ethane and methane rain that then feeds the large seas and lakes that exist on Saturn’s Titan moon.

    Jani Radebaugh, a Cassini radar team associate at Brigham Young University said “Though there are some short, local meanders, the relative straightness of the river valley suggests it follows the trace of at least one fault, similar to other large rivers running into the southern margin of this same Titan sea."

    The space mission that captured the images is a collaborative effort between NASA, The European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency.