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    7 Fun Facts About Eggnog

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    by Geo Beats

    Learn 7 facts about eggnog that you may not know.

    Here are 7 fun facts about eggnog:

    Number 7 - 135 million pounds of eggnog is consumed by Americans each year. According to Indiana University, peak consumption is the week prior to Thanksgiving, the week of Christmas and the week right after Christmas.

    Number 6 - Did you know that in the 1800s, the American version of eggnog included milk, eggs, rum, and sugar.

    Number 5- If you want to go beyond the drink, on Etsy, you can find egg nog lip balm, egg nog flavored oil and even an egg nog flavored scented candles.

    Number 4 - According to CNN, records from President George Washington's house in Mount Vernon indicates that his eggnog recipe included 3 different kinds of liquor - rye whiskey, sherry, and rum.

    Number 3 - FDA regulations require that 1.0 percent of eggnog's total weight should comprise of egg yolks.

    Number 2 - Many historians believe that the word 'eggnog' comes from the word 'noggin' "which referred to small wooden mugs that were often used to serve this type of drink."

    Number 1 - If you happen to be in Germany, your local eggnog recipe may include beer.