Sunday Driving -- Paris, France

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On YouTube, I post under SLOBOMOTION and CUTECATFAITH.

"The Dinkmobile" is a 1995 Citroën ZX "Flash," with "power nothing." Manual transmission, runs on diesel. Not a comfortable, very pleasant car to drive, it is still practical due to its small size (easier to park in public), it's very reliable as long as we maintain it properly, and until recently, when it started to get older finally, it's gotten very good mileage. It doesn't have much of a resale value at this point, but we'd consider selling it, as we have another car (also a Citroën, a 2002 Xsara four-door) out in Brittany. We use public transportation as much as possible in and around Paris, but my spouse works evenings and nights in a place without access, so he carpools with a coworker who also resides in Saint-Denis, a near-suburb of Paris with a border contiguous.

Check the radio and the Internet for traffic reports. There were demonstrations in Paris on this grey December Sunday afternoon, and we tried to avoid those parts of the city which were crowded and blocked off. Free, legal street parking is more available in Paris on Sundays, however, as many of the "deliveries only" spaces are not used on Sunday. When there is a single yellow line, you can park there. (Double yellow lines, you cannot.)

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