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    Future Idiots - "Hangout With Grannies" Pacific Ridge Records


    by BlankTV

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    Band Name: Future Idiots
    Song Title: Hangout With Grannies
    Album Title: Future Idiots
    Genre: Pop punk
    City/Country: Klippan, Sweden
    Label Name: Pacific Ridge Records
    Director Name: Johan Tinebo
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    About The Video:

    Band Bio: It all started in the spring of 2005 when Marius came up with some plans on re-taking the third year on his upper secondary school studies. He wanted to do this just to get in the same class as Mike and Kennie so that they could start a band. After lots of conversations with headmasters and teachers and a whole lot of lies saying that Marius's grades would be so much better he was finally approved to re-take the final year.
    Things got serious during the summer break when they got a place to rehearse and the first songs started to shape up. It was early decided that the band should not have front man and hence both Mike and Marius are lead singers. In the beginning Marius was not to keen on singing since he considered himself incapable of doing two things simultaneously but Mike insisted that the band should have two vocalists.

    In the autumn of 2005, when the school term started, it was time to choose a project to work on during the last term. Kennie, Mike and Marius had during the summer break decided to start a band and to make a record so that they would get an excuse to be absent from classes and instead work on their "schoolwork".
    The time came to choose a name. Kennie came up with "Sound Project", Marius counter attacked under protest with "Rigshaw Riders". Another name that was considered was "One Year Behind" since everyone was re-taking their last year in upper secondary school. Finally everyone agreed on "Future Idiots" on proposal from Marius.

    At this point Future Idiots was mostly a school project. Marius wanted to bring in another guitarist since he did not consider himself capable of handling everything on stage by himself. Kennie was on the same path; bring in another guitarist to enhance the live-sound. However, Mike totally refused. In April 2006 Mike finally yielded when Kennie and Marius wanted to hand the secondary guitar duties over to Jay-Tee, an old friend to all three of them.

    Future Idiots, Sweden's latest poppunk sensation, was a fact.

    Who is who in the band:
    Marius Paxcow: Leadvocals & Guitar
    Mike Andersson: Leadvocals & Bass
    Jay-Tee: Guitar
    Big Mac: Drums
    The Partygeneral: Flag

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    Yesterday we were best friends. This guy I thought I knew. But nowadays he hangs out with the grannies trying to get into their panties - big enough for two. Well I've got issues myself, but I don't change my mind from day to day. The problems loom in his shelf. But the solutions and the key they've been all thrown away.

    You're gonna lose your friends, don't you care at all? What's with your common sense, don't you feel bad at all? Gave you a second chance, but you just blew it all! None of your bullshit words will ever break your fall!

    Now and then I keep wonder why things turned out this way. Then again I'm struck with your stupidity, your non-reliability that's not okay. I know that this time I'm sure. How do you even put up with your self? So what if I'm Immature? I wouldn't try to raise a kid until I've grown up myself.

    When you fail with doing what you're best at: To fuck things up so bad like just you do.
    Time and space. End of days. It won't come true. When you fail with doing what you're best at: I'll start a facebookgroup named "You're the man" Still won't do, Never you.
    It won't come true. No you won't fail with doing what you're best at, it's your burden to be

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