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    Magic Show // Short Film

    Richard Wheatley

    by Richard Wheatley

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    ‘Magic Show’ is about a magic trick that ends in catastrophe because of a miscommunication between the English speaking magician, George, and an Italian speaking member of the audience. George is a flamboyant magician who is not afraid to show off his illusions with a spectacular flare; he begins by boldly bursting onto stage and performing his first trick which astonishes the audience. George then kindly asks the Italian lady if she would like to participate in his next illusion. Unsure at first she is hesitant, but George’s boisterousness wins her over. The Italian lady who naively volunteers to take part in one of the magicians performance, does not understand the magicians directions, thus the trick ends disastrously. ‘Magic Show’ comments on the importance of understanding one another and the significance of communication. It perhaps comments more specifically on the stigma which is attached to English speaking tourists and their stereotyped ignorance to other languages. It delivers this story and message it a satirical and ridiculous manner.