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    Dead of Night | Episode 1 | Descent

    Episode #1 of RavensFilm Productions' web series DEAD OF NIGHT.

    FBI Special Agent Cyrus Vendelin is a criminal profiler who delves into the psyches of violent criminals to determine their motives, and to predict their actions in the pursuit of justice. Special Agent Christopher Mannix is his superior and friend, but the two clash over Vendelin's strained mental state while working a case together.

    Stevan Vujic as "Cyrus Vendelin"
    Charlie S. Jensen as "Christopher Mannix"

    All dialogue was improvised by the actors.

    Shot, Edited, Produced, & Directed by
    Nicholas J. Michalak

    Featuring the music of Kevin MacLeod ( and Apocalypse Cow (

    This series is compiled from additional footage and scenes, both scripted and improvisational, shot during the production of the 30 minute short film, DEAD OF NIGHT. The full web series will be available, in both black & white and color versions, on the 2012 Special Edition DVD.

    ©2010 RavensFilm Productions