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    Arrowhead Inn Orchestra - Sleep Baby Sleep


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    It was my intention to post a Christmas selection, but after the events in the US yesterday, I decided to share this tender song. The abovementioned credits appear to refer to Meyer Davis, who was not really a bandleader in the normal sense, but a supplier of orchestras for society galas and such. He had several 'pick-up' bands out on dates at the same time. "High Society" loved him and he prospered catering to society. His bands are still greatly in use by present day 'society'. Meyer Davis was active all throughout the 20s, in fact his orchestra was so successful that ca. 1926, he was able to purchase The Willow Grove Park in Pennsylvania, where his own orchestra often performed for dances at the Park. Davis added many show novelties. This delicately arranged song was recorded in 1928, with Ed Smalle on vocal.