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    Justin Bieber's Murder Plot Foiled


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    Two men are arrested following an alleged murder-for-hire plot against Justin Bieber.

    There are millions of die-hard Justin Bieber fans. But apparently, some of them can get a little crazy. Two men in New Mexico were allegedly hired as hit men to kill the singer.

    The 41-year-old man and his 23-year-old nephew had been arrested last month and accused of conspiring to kidnap, kill and castrate four people, one of which was Bieber.

    The plot was the brainchild of Dana Martin, an inmate serving two life sentences for rape and murder. The initial plan was to kidnap Bieber after a performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City in late November. Martin was said to be obsessed with the singer and oddly enough, he was the one who initially told police about the planned murder.

    In 2010, Bieber was again the center of some scary drama. The singer and Kim Kardashian had met at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner.The twosome tweeted their affections for one another and Bieber posted a picture of himself and Kardashian with a captain jokingly reading “it's my girlfriend”. Short time later, Kardashian was getting death threats from the singer’s diehard fans.