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    Years of Cold - "The Ghost Behind" HeavenPoint Records


    by BlankTV

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    Director: Jaime Blanco -


    About The Video:
    'The Ghost Behind' is the first single and video off Texas-based Years of Cold's debut self-titled effort thru HeavenPoint Records. Filmed at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Tx by Director Jaime Blanco and DoubleScope Films, the concept and theme of the song and video delves into a person's troubled past that continues to 'haunt' him.

    Words that form the system of belief within Texas-bred music group YEARS of COLD and fuel's their determination to push their edge-layered brand of 'Haunting Melodic Heavy Groove' to the limits. Above all, the concept most important to YEARS of COLD lies within the quality of their music and the songs and hooks they offer. Simple and to the point with no need for duplicity or gimmicks. This approach provides any audience seeking honest substance from today's music with 'the truth'.
    Forged in the dust of the West Texas border-town of El Paso by guitarists Cesar Soto and Mat Lynch(both formerly of Noise Records/Modern Music Int artist PISSING RAZORS- Andy Sneap/ Sterling WInfield) along with bassist and longtime collaborator Arturo Saldana(ENIGMA de ULTRATUMBA/THE SIXTH), the premise for the group began in early 2008 with the trio hatching idea's thicker in range and expression than their prior efforts. Lynch recalls...'As our ideas began to grow, our focus became finding a vocalist capable of meeting the challenge of the material head-on and the one name that persisted was our colleague Dewey Bragg(KILL DEVIL HILL)...' Soto add's 'Bragg's amazing vocal scope was key in providing the unmistakeable character and intensity we felt fit our music....' Rounding out YEARS of COLD was Chris Huber of Carlsbad, New Mexico on drums with whom the members of YOC also shared a long history. Huber, a humble and modest individual, let his track record of constant touring and hard-work speak for itself with his former outfit KRYOBURN. The extensive experience of each of the member's of YEARS of COLD throughout the world music market was also key in creating a positive chemistry within the band.
    When asked about the name 'YEARS of COLD' and the correlation behind it, Lynch explains 'The name was taken from a documentary about the obstacles mankind constantly faces in the pursuit of progress, stability and growth. One gentleman on the program remarked --'Mankind has endured many 'years of cold' in the fight for balance on this earth'-which was very profound....' On that note, Cesar Soto professes 'These day's when we collaborate, we strive to stay as driven as possible for the best results and fight for growth within our songs ...'.
    Having spent the better part of both 2011/2012 in the studio perfecting its signature, YEARS of COLD has now release of its debut self-titled Ep on their own HeavenPoint Records imprint in late Oct 2012. From the smooth yet edgy sway of songs like 'Tear Stained Eyes' or 'The Ghost Behind', the crush of 'Searching This Life' or the swirling depth of 'Throes of Life', this work is lined with a certain atmosphere and depth the group believes is easier to feel than explain. Produced by Justin Leeah (Ministry, DevilDriver, Cannibal Corpse) at DownTown Sound and Vision Lab in EPTX as well as at world famous Sonic Ranch Studios in Tornillo, Tx, YEARS of COLD continues to set new standards for music and the experience it's intended to be....
    'the truth'

    Who is who in the band: Dewey Bragg(vocals), Mat Lynch(guitar), Cesar Soto(guitar), Arturo Saldana(bass), Chris Huber(drums)

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