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    'We danced to Deep Purple': High school DJ Medvedev chills with rock stars

    RT News Channel

    RT News Channel

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    Russia's president Dmitry Medvedev, known for his love of rock music, has caught up with the top brass of the country's rock'n'roll scene. Medvedev and the musicians enjoyed a relaxed evening at Moscow's Rythm-and-Blues Café, a jazz club owned by famous rocker Andrey Makarevich. They also grabbed some beers in a Moscow bar to chat about their favorite music and what is going on in the country.
    "I never gave up the interests of my youth, I keep listening to music and it's just natural for me, that's simply the way I am. I can tell you honestly. I kept my stereo on even while I was working on my boring thesis at a law school. I can do that, I can work and listen to music at the same time, unlike a huge number of people who think music and work just don't go together. I'm a consumer of a significant number of your products. That's the first reason why I'm enjoying my day today. And reason number two is that life is so challenging these days that meeting people you don't see too often is really helpful."
    "A few words about Deep Purple and others and what their music gave me. Recently, I talked to Bono about this, and for some reason he doesn't like Deep Purple. He said that Led Zeppelin was much better and cooler. I didn't argue with him, because what we listened in the late '70s and early '80s—of course, we listened to many different bands, but we in Leningrad preferred mostly hard rock. I was even a DJ at high school discos, and strange as it may seem, we danced to Deep Purple, and Slade, and Led Zeppelin—some things you really can't and shouldn't dance to. And that formed our habits. Whatever you do in your early years takes very deep roots in you. But now, like any other adult, I can listen to anything—even to pop music, which I never did back in those years."