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    Holiday Gift Ideas 2012: Bacon Shaving Cream, Soda, Lip Balm


    by IBTimes


    The folks who brought you bacon coffins are now serving up a helping of bacon shaving cream.

    When asked why create a shaving cream with the aroma of bacon company co-founder Dave Lefkow said because it's the king of meats.

    "We feel that it's about time that men stop smelling like rose pedals and melons, I mean this goes against nature, cucumbers, mint. Men need to smell like really cured meat and we felt like this was an idea whose time has come," said Lefkow, J&D's Foods co-founder.

    Served in a jar, the company said the bacon scented cream will leave men smelling good enough to eat.

    The company is also behind such products as Bacon Salt, Soda and lip balm.

    The first batch of the shaving cream has already sold-out. Second shipments are expected to go out on December 19th.

    J&D's Bacon Shaving sells for $14.99 USD.