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    Kunwara Baap

    Lehren Movies

    by Lehren Movies

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    Bharathi plays an abandoned wife of a playboy (Vinod Mehra). She has a child with him and couldn't cope raising the baby boy alone and leaves him outside of a temple, where he gets taken in by a rikshawala (Mehmood). The boy develops polio because of the shabby living conditions, and the rikshawala feels guilty after a doctor (Sanjeev Kumar) admonishes him. He takes care of the boy and loves him as his own. In the mean time, the boy's real-life parents reconcile and turn to a police officer (Vinod Khanna) for help in finding their missing son. Finally, when the child is 12 years old, he is reconciled with the parents, but the rikshawala won't give him up. The policeman urges him to do, as the wealthy parents can pay for the operation that can make the boy walk again. He does sorrowfully. But the boy comes back with his parents to see the rikshawala die. After his death, Mehmood, the actor, gets up and explains to the audience that his death was for the camera, but polio is real and deadly and that people should get their children vaccinated.