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    Batman vs. Captain America In Real Life - Ultimate Fan Fights Episode 1


    by megabloodevil64

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    Captain America:

    Batman The Dark Knight takes on Captain America the first Super Soldier. Who would win in a fight? We want you to decide! It's batarang vs. shield in the first episode of Ultimate Fan Fights!

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    UFF is a web series created by:
    James Mark -
    Yung Lee -

    Director -- James Mark

    Producer -- Jon Ho
    Producer -- James Mark
    Producer -- Yung Lee
    Producer -- Avery Chan
    Executive Producer - Grant Thompson
    Executive Producer - Bernard Ho
    Associate Producer -- Mark Boucher

    Director of Photography -- Justin Lovell
    Editor - Yung Lee
    Captain America Costume Designer -- Jenn Woodall
    Dark Knight Costume - Gotham City FX

    Production Manager -- Avery Chan
    Assistant Director -- Mark Boucher

    Assistant Camera -- Jamie Shaw
    Assistant Camera -- Rob Tagliaferri
    2nd Assistant Camera -- Ernesto Lemus
    Steadicam -- Michael Heathcote
    Steadicam -- Yoann Malnati

    Gaffer -- Tony Smith
    Gaffer -- Bryan Brooks
    Best Boy -- Cody Preston
    Key Grip -- Bruce Harper
    Key Grip -- Ryan Hernandez
    Best Boy Grip -- Justin Yarosky

    Make-Up -- Lisa Vella
    Wardrobe Stylist -- Deanna Sciortino
    Prop Painter - Tamar Lipsey

    VFX Supervisor / Creative Director / Lead Compositor / Roto & Paint Artist -- Yung Lee
    3D Artist - Tom Antos
    3D Particle Artist - Matthias Muller
    Digital Imaging Technician -- Jason Gosbee
    Set Photographer: Paul Pedosuik
    BTS Camera: Marissa Mel

    Sound Design - Dan Pugsley

    BTS -- Kobi Ntiri
    Production Assistant -- Marco Iaboni
    Production Assistant -- Mackenzie Isobe
    Production Assistant -- Derrick Modesto


    "Glorious Touchdown"
    Takeshi Furukawa & Thomas Dill
    Soundcast Music

    " Knockdown"
    Takeshi Furukawa & Thomas Dill
    Soundcast Music

    "The Assasin's Plot"
    Andrew Skeet, Luke Gordon
    Atmosphere Music Ltd

    "Rough Justice"
    Mark Russell
    Atmosphere Music Ltd

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