Gas Stations Mistakenly Pumped Out Aviation Fuel

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A gas station mistakenly pumps aviation fuel.

Ever wondered what would happen if you put aviation fuel in your car?

Several gas stations in New Jersey were pumping out aviation fuel instead of auto fuel.

There was a window of a few hours before the gas stations were notified about the delivery mistake, which gave consumers plenty of time to fill up on aviation fuel.

The gas stations that were selling the wrong gas would not open until all the fuel storage tanks and equipments are emptied, cleaned, and refilled.

The mistake ended up causing at least a few cars to stall, or stop running properly.

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs spokesperson Neil Buccino said: “The state office of weights and measures is… seeking to learn how many consumers may have been affected and the exact timeline by which any consumers have been affected.”

Aviation fuel and fuel that you pump into your car all come from petroleum, but they are designed for completely different engines.

Aviation gas, or Avgas, that is used in aircrafts and racecars has higher octane, which means that it is less flammable.