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    Smugglers Throw Marijuana Canisters Over U.S.-Mexico Border

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    Drug runners shot cans of marijuana from a cannon across the U.S.-Mexico border.

    Recently, United States border patrol officials discovered 33 cans filled with marijuana near the Mexican border.

    Agents had previously been alerted that strange containers were found in Arizona, near the Colorado River. Authorities found the cans in a field before the drug runners snatched them up. They believe that these canisters were shot approximately 500 feet from a pneumatic-powered cannon, located in Mexico.

    The cans contained roughly 85 pounds of marijuana, which had a street value of approximately $42,000. United States based agents searched the entire area and alerted Mexican officials, who also searched their side.

    The agency clams the marijuana will be destroyed and speak of the incident, calling it “another unique but unsuccessful smuggling attempt”.

    Earlier this year, two suspected smugglers were allegedly trying to cross the border from Mexico into California near Arizona. They drove a Jeep over their own makeshift ramp, which was built over a 14 foot high border fence in Southern California.

    The vehicle's two occupants fled the scene, running back into Mexico when border officials made their way towards them. The Jeep apparently got stuck and began teetering while at the top of the ramp.