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    Artists Transforms Church into a Striking Landmark

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    An artists turns a historic church into a mural.

    When you think of a church, a certain kind of architecture and colors come to mind.

    One church in Washington D.C., however, looks anything but typical.

    Hense, an Atlanta based talented artist has turned the outside of the historic religious building into a bold, colorful mural.

    It is located across the street from a planned 20,000 square foot museum and hotel. Utilizing latex paint, Hense turned the entire church from rather drab to bold.

    The structure now boasts an abstract and contemporary feel. It is painted in varying bright colors including red, bright pink, yellow, green and orange.

    There are some graffiti works, as the building boasts several scribbled strokes, some of which were painted over but can still be seen underneath the coating. Then there are circular shapes painted on the building, making them look like multi-colored polka dots from a distance.

    Even the windows and doors were painted over in vibrant colors. The church mural serves as a thing of architectural beauty and has also brought the building back to life.

    How do you like it?