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    Woman Conceals Cocaine in Breast Implants


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    A woman is arrested after smuggling cocaine in her breast implants.

    Despite what you think of drug smugglers, some of them are really creative.

    Recently, a Panamanian woman was busted by border agents when she arrived at Barcelona airport.

    The alert officials noticed blood covered gauze, recent scarring and light colored sections underneath the skin on her chest area. Even though she told agents that she had just undergone surgery for breast implants, authorities were suspicious and sent her to a nearby hospital where the implants were removed.

    Inside the fake breasts was quite a surprise. Three pounds of cocaine resided in the implants. The woman was soon arrested. According to reports, she had arrived from Bogota, Columbia.

    Earlier this year, another person bungled a smuggling plot. A Nigerian man was caught carrying cocaine, valued at nearly $150,000, in a roasted chicken. Traveling from Sao Paolo, he was caught at the airport in Lagos, Nigeria.
    The suspect was surprised that the authorities were able to find the drugs. He noted it took him three days to pack inside the chicken.