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    Cops Knock, Woman Answers Door Holding Bag of Crack

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    Cops knock on a woman's door and she answers holding a bag of crack cocaine.

    You never know how one reacts when panicking.

    An Alabama woman, Tara Hampton was about to have pending drug charges dismissed against her.

    She had become a member of the Drug Market Intervention Program, but Guntersville Police soon suspected her of dealing in narcotics again. Officers recently arrived at her home to present her with the original drug indictments and they got quite a surprise, as she answered the door with a bag of drugs in her hand.

    A police spokesperson stated “ The individual answered the door holding a bag of crack cocaine. Also in plain view in the residence was a significant amount of marijuana.” She was arrested and placed in jail.

    Earlier this year, another unsuspecting officer was involved in a drug bust. North Carolina off duty police officer Jagger Naves was trying to get some sleep when his cell phone kept ringing.
    He received a voicemail from a woman yelling "This isn't even a $10 rock. You need to make this right!" He decided to meet up with her and upon arriving she and her partner were arrested for possession of crack cocaine.