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    Cat Steals Key Sets From Neighbors' Homes

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    A cat sneaks into neighbors' homes and steals sets of keys.

    An unusual burglar has recently become the talk of town in London.

    A female kitty named Milo had been going through neighbor’s homes and taking off with their keys.

    The cat’s owner, Kirsten Alexander placed a magnetic collar around her neck, which worked with her cat flap. But, Kirsten recently noticed Milo waltzing through the door with a set of heavy keys dangling from her collar.

    She began investigating and found 12 sets of keys in her back yard, another eight littering around her home and an additional six sets that were discovered in neighbors’ yards. Apparently, Milo would enter nearby homes through the cat flap and explore, but spare key sets kept getting stuck to her collar while her owner was at work.

    Kirsten states “"I've given all the keys back and luckily neighbours have seen the funny side of it."

    Earlier this year, an eight year old golden retriever, near Sydney Australia came home with an unopened loaf of bread and dropped it at her master's feet.
    A short time later, the playful pooch brought home another dozen full loaves of sliced bread and muffins. Gillie’s master was searching for the food owner.