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    How this Career Interest Inventory Puts Your Job to the Test

    Richard N. Stephenson

    by Richard N. Stephenson

    Take the Career Inventory:

    Taking a thorough career interest inventory is a key to finding what you really should be doing in life professionally. I've got an online and printable pdf ebook career personality test available. But first, let's break it down.

    Have you ever sat around at work not really wondering if what you're doing is the right thing for you? Do the days just seem really long when your work is piling up on your desk? What about you coworkers - do you meld and gel with their ways of working?

    Regardless of what you choose to do in your life professionally, when you begin to align all that you do with what really matter to do you deep inside, then all of the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place. When you know your interests, abilities, skills, characteristics, and qualities, then you can start using the ones most relevant to your job in order to get stuff done.

    It's the focus and motivation that matters here. By having that extra awareness, you are able to apply yourself to the right tasks at the right time and with the right amount of effort. This will build your successes, which brings along great confidence and motivation to get stuff done.

    The free RichardStep Strengths and Weaknesses Aptitude Test (RSWAT) is the tool for you. After about 5 minutes worth of questions, you'll get your top 3 strengths, bottom 1 weakness, and the potential for future growth right before your eyes. Sounds a little hokey? Give it a try and you might just be surprised what you find out about yourself soon.

    Go take the test now and start your days to come in focus:

    This practical e-book gets you ready for change, finds your strengths and weaknesses, and shows you exactly what to do with them. Join over 92,000 other people living life on purpose already. Here's how it'll help:
    - Specifically made to build you up, not knock you down
    - Builds your motivation to live the lessons & use your results
    - A quick & simple read that doesn't require a degree to understand
    - Unlimited access to the strengths test -- any time, any place, & no code needed
    - All new material; not redone self-help fluff from the 80's

    Gain the Tools to Take a Deeper Look Inside

    This book really will change the way you look at the world and your life. Focusing on living a purposeful life through your top strengths, while crushing your weaknesses, is the key to a whole new world.

    Consider this book a new kind of self development toolbox. This is a toolbox of practical resources you will find yourself using on a regular basis. A toolbox full of resources to equip you on your growth journey, enabling you to help yourself.

    Simple, fun, and practical tips for growing your life

    Find Your Strengths and Start Owning Your Life Today!

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