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    Hamas Rallies in West Bank as Protests Continue In Hebron


    by IBTimes


    Hamas supporters marched in the West Bank city of Nablus Thursday as violence between Palestinians and Israeli forces continued in the southern city of Hebron. The march, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Hamas group, is the first allowed by the Abbas government in five years, according to Reuters.

    Meanwhile, in the southern city of Hebron protesters clashed with Israeli forces following the killing Wednesday of a 17-year-old Palestinian by Israeli soldiers. According to Israeli authorities the boy seemed to be brandishing a pistol and aiming it towards an Israeli border patrol when the soldiers opened fire.

    The shooting set off protests between Palestinians and Israeli authorities and according to the Associated Press around 5,000 people joined a funeral procession for the boy in Hebron where protesters waved the green Hamas flag and chanted “Our blood will redeem the martyr.”

    The marches could be an important show of support between Hamas and Abbas following a brief war between Israel and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and a victory at the United Nations which recognized a de facto Palestinian state.