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    How to Build a Rustic / Distressed Table. Video 2


    by UncleKnackers

    Table. How to build a Rustic / Distressed table. Kitchen Table. How to make a kitchen table / dining table. In this series of three videos l'm going to walk you through the process of selecting some recycled timber from a junk pile and with a little care and some simple joinery techniques, transform that waste timber them into a distressed timber kitchen table / dining table. In fact you could use the table for whatever you wanted really.

    The process from video 1 to video 3 takes you through the process of cutting the timber using a drop saw, assembling the table using a biscuit joiner, glue and clamps followed by sanding the table down, painting the table, and then finally applying the polyurethane.
    I was very happy with the end result. It's a great DIY project and it would take the average DIY'ER a week to complete.

    Tools l used for the job were:
    Drop saw: For cutting the timber to length.
    Biscuit Joiner: Used for joining the table together.
    Orbital Sander: For sanding the timber down.
    Sandpaper: 120 grit, 180 grit and 240 grit.
    Clamps: For clamping the table together when glued.
    PVA Woodworking Glue.
    Cordless Drill: For installing screws (l used 40mm screws) to the underside of the rails.
    Paint: Sample pot (250ml) for the colour and Oil based Polyurathane (500ml which is just enough for three coats) for the clear protective layer.
    Paint brush. One for applying the colour (It doesn't need to be a high quality brush for this process) and one for the Polyurathane (this DOES need to be good quality brush).
    Mineral Turpentine: For cleaning the brush used for the polyurethane.

    All up the project cost $75.00. The breakdown is as follows:

    Sandpaper 10.00
    Polyurathane: 25.00
    Glue 2.00
    Sample pots: 10.00
    Paint brushes: 30.00
    TOTAL 75.00

    Thanks for Watching!
    Cheers, Uncle Knackers