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    MTH - Babydoll (Radio Edit)


    par RekaPrika

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    RKPK025 MTH - Babydoll EP
    Release Date : December 7th 2012
    3-track EP

    --- TRACKLISTING & VIDEO LINKS ----------------

    1 Babydoll (Original Mix)

    2 From Your Lips (Original Mix)

    3 Girls Like Acid (Original Mix)

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    --- INFO ----------------------------------------------

    "Babydoll", "From Your Lips" and "Girls Like Acid" : these titles sound just like glamorous Cosmo magazine headlines. Well, if MTH chose for his first EP on Reka Prika to let his girly side speak, the girl inside him is kind of a crazy one.

    Between the electro drops of "Babydoll", the shimmering piano melodies of "From Your Lips", and the furious acid loops of "Girls Like Acid", this babydoll seems to have seriously gone wild.

    Sleeve design by Yannick Blanc.
    Picture by Khony Lo Van.
    Video by Chris.