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B-Roll Deir Azzour Syria +map

il y a 5 ans178 views

B-roll sur la visite d'une équipe MSF dans la région de Deir Azzour en Syrie
STORY: Deir Azzour: tens of thousands of people, including sick and wounded, in need of assistance
LOCATION: Deir Azzour area, Syria
DATES SHOT: Late November 2012
SOUND: Natural Sound
DURATION: 3mins32secs


1. Abandoned hospital, Deir Azzour area, borken windows, empty rooms
2. Two photos of a field hospital set up in a school
3. Series of photos of another abandoned hospital in the Deir Azzour area - bullet holes in walls
4. Medical supplies
5. Water distibution – water drawn from Euphrates River

Theses photos and videos taken during a recent unofficial visit by an MSF team to evaluate the needs in this isolated region ravaged by the war. MSF does not have any programs in the Deir Azzour region.