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Werner Fraussen, Senior Key Account Manager - Nitto Denko - a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesive products

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Nitto Denko Corporation is all about "Creating New Value". A consistent dedication to the development and continual improvement of technologies in ways that dovetail with the needs of customers has been, is and always will be the source of our strength. Nitto Europe NV is the European subsidiary of the Japanese multinational Nitto Denko Corporation. It markets over 4,000 products in manufactured worldwide by the Nitto Denko group. Nitto Europe NV was set up in 1974, and now oversees the operations of 11 branch offices in Europe. We are looking for new products and new applications to obtain new customers. In Europe we focus on 4 b-to-b markets: automotive, building & construction, electronic devices and paper & printing. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie hier http://www.nittoeurope.com/Homepage-Fiberguard-310GH5-Blue.html