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    How to Build a Rustic / Distressed Table. Video 1


    by UncleKnackers

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    Table. How to build a Rustic / Distressed table. Kitchen Table. How to make a kitchen table / dining table. In this series of three videos l'm going to walk you through the process of selecting some recycled timber from a junk pile and with a little care and some simple joinery techniques, transform that waste timber them into a distressed timber kitchen table / dining table. In fact you could use the table for whatever you wanted really.

    The process from video 1 to video 3 takes you through the process of cutting the timber using a drop saw, assembling the table using a biscuit joiner, glue and clamps followed by sanding the table down, painting the table, and then finally applying the polyurethane.
    I was very happy with the end result. It's a great DIY project and it would take the average DIY'ER a weekend to complete.

    Cheers, Uncle Knackers