Students Arrested for Giving Pot Brownies to Class

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University students are arrested for giving pot brownies to professor and other students.

Recently, two University of Colorado students were arrested after they admitted to police that they put marijuana into brownies and then gave them to their professor and other students. 19-year-old Mary Essa and 21-year-old Thomas Cunningham allegedly baked brownies laced with THC for their class for a special “bring food day”.

No one else knew there was marijuana in the brownies. Soon after, a history professor began experiencing fits of dizziness and began losing consciousness. Police and paramedics responded and brought the professor to a hospital.

Later that day, a student in the same class was hospitalized for what was thought to be an anxiety attack and the next day, another student ended up in the hospital.

An investigation found that 5 other classmates had become ill and the two involved students were soon arrested. They will now face possible felony charges.

Earlier this year, another horrifying marijuana incident occurred. A child in California was hospitalized after accidentally eating his grandmother's medicinal marijuana cookies that she baked to treat her painful cancer symptoms.
The three year was treated and released from the hospital, and the grandmother says she will never make cookies again.