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    LVN to RN Online: Elizabeth earns her Associate's Degree with The College Network Nursing Program


    by CollegeNetwork

    After working as an LVN and nurse manager for several years, Elizabeth Powell was ready to pursue her associate's degree and earn her RN license. "I saw people around me getting their RN, and that's something that I wanted to pursue," Elizabeth said. "But I just couldn't afford to quit my job because my family was dependent on the income I earned in order to make ends meet."

    The Associate's Degree in Nursing (ADN) program the Elizabeth decided to pursue with help from The College Network allowed her to earn her ADN and RN license while continuing to work full time. "I really needed to continue to work and get my RN at the same time, and The College Network allowed me to do that."

    The College Network's streamlined online courses allowed Elizabeth to complete her studies at her own pace. "Every time I passed an exam, it made me motivated to go on and take the next one and continue to move forward." When Elizabeth had questions on course material, the Academic Support team at The College Network was on call to help.

    After earning her RN, Elizabeth became eligible to work in a variety of nursing environments. As a nurse educator, Elizabeth acknowledges the importance of continued education for nurses.
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