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    LPN to RN Online: LaKresha Finds Work/Life Balance With The College Network Nursing Program


    by CollegeNetwork

    LPN LaKresha Matkin had always wanted to earn her RN certification, but her full -time work schedule didn't allow her to attend an on-campus program. With a husband and children, LaKresha wasn't willing to sacrifice family time for class time either. After discovering The College Network's online LPN to RN program, LaKresha realized she could still make her aspirations a reality. The self-paced online RN program allows LaKresha to complete her studies from home at her convenience, without deadlines. The College Network's Comprehensive Learning Modules make it easy for LaKresha to dedicate a few minutes each night to her studies while still spending time with her family.

    "Once you start and see the results, you are motivated to keep going," says LaKresha, who plans on completing her RN within the year. LaKresha is excited to finally receive the recognition she deserves -- as an RN, she'll be making almost double her current earnings. But money isn't LaKresha's only motivator. "I'm better educated and more equipped for what I'm going to be doing," she says. "It excites me."

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