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    Cigarette Case Solar Battery Charger

    Stefan Verstappen

    by Stefan Verstappen

    How to make a solar powered battery charger that fits in a cigarette case for under $12.00

    I was up-dating my emergency preparedness kit and I noticed that I use a lot of AA batteries for flashlights, radios, and Walkie Talkies. If the power went out for any length of time I would have no way to recharge them. I needed something really slender for my already bulging Radio Bag. I checked the web for design ideas but found most of them too bulky, or too fragile for use in a portable kit. I decided to try and fit everything into one of those hard shell 'dollar store' cigarette cases, and with much fiddling it worked.

    This video will show those with just a bit of electronics experience how to put this super slim and rugged solar charger together.