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    Think Fast, Mr. Moto 1937 Peter Lorre part 2


    by superannuatedlps

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    Commercials playing over the film while it's still in progress, freeze-framing throughout the entire film, page failing to completely load, makes it impossible to enjoy the movie. This is a common occurrence here at Dailymotion. Youtube is much better.
    By Glynnt54Last year
    Water Dragon
    It's almost impossible to watch. Three commercials for Olive Garden played while typing my comment.
    By Water DragonLast year
    Water Dragon
    Don't watch unless you have infinite patience and a high tolerance for interruptions. Olive Garden has highjacked this movie and an annoying voice commercial keeps interrupting talking over the movie so you have to pause or go back.
    By Water DragonLast year
    John Mayer
    Mr. Moto movies were based on a series of pulp-style novels about a very unlikely hero. Remarkable to consider that his popularity survived WW II.
    By John Mayer2 years ago