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    Generaxion - Pilot Project for unemployed in Brussels - Projet pilote pour chômeurs de Bruxelles

    michel de kemmeter

    par michel de kemmeter

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    Based on the critiques of Actiris’ current system and due to the slow progress on the matter, Benoit Cerexhe, a minister for the Région Bruxelles-Capitale and responsible among other things for employment contacted in late 2011 Michel de Kemmeter and his team at UHDR Universe City, a think tank innovating in sustainable human and economic development, to develop and test new methods to tackle the issue through a financed pilot project. The resulting project called Generaxion takes a different approach to the problem. Rather than offering a simple match up between the job seeker’s abilities and available job offers, the process takes a detour through the person’s emotions: their beliefs and value system. In short, the program is designed to remedy the different emotional and psychologic distress caused by unemployment and help them identify life goals that will guide and drive them forward in their job search.