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    MindMeld Product Tour


    by ExpectLabs

    Watch to see how the MindMeld iPad app is a smarter way to have conversations on your iPad.
    Expect Labs is a startup based in San Francisco that is building a technology platform designed to reinvent how we have conversations. Expect Labs is the creator of the iPad app called MindMeld, which is the first voice and video calling app that can actually understand conversations in real-time to make it easy to find and share related information as you talk.
    MindMeld is a new way to talk to your friends on your iPad.
    "Hey, how's it going? I can't believe you're gonna be out there in less then a week. I was thinking if the weather's good, we could go to Muir Woods or Stinson beach."
    As you talk, MindMeld listens. That way, anything you need is just a swipe away. MindMeld shows you things that might be related from Facebook or across the web, like pictures, videos, and articles.
    "Where should we have dinner?" Have you been to the Slanted Door at the Ferry Building?"
    "It looks perfect."
    That update as the conversation changes. Since MindMeld puts all of this at your fingertips sharing is easy. Drag anything onto the sharing panel and everyone in your conversation can see it instantly.
    MindMeld intuitively organizes everything that's been shared so you can easily find it later.
    "Talk to you later!"
    MindMeld, a smarter way to have conversations on your iPad.