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    Leslie Hutchinson sings Cole Porter - Night and Day, 1938


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    Gigi, Lana, Patrick thank you for your posts. Lana - your explanation of the "obsessive nature of the first phase of Love" - which is present in this tune - is very precious to me. I never received this song in such a slightly "neurotic" way. It was rather for me one more from many lyrico/melancholic American film-tunes of that time - not very much different from such songs like "Love Is Sweeping The Country" or "Rosalie". Now, I'm beginning to notice some mysteries in this song, which earlier I did not see. Patrick! Thanks for emphasising again that my selection of pics is of some artistic value to you. Sometimes it really, needs effort to make a goog photo-exhibition, which would be a true part of a song and vice versa. With songs like this - the task is much more challenging than with those peppy and happy foxtrotts or charlestons when, sometimes, it is enough to present an array of nice flappers' legs or faces and everything works! Thanks to you guys, once again!
    Przez grzegorz2402523 lata temu
    This has always been one of my favourite songs of this era. It uniquely expresses feverish romantic passion, and Hutch's version is outstanding! Once more, you chose perfectly atmospheric period photos... Thanks so much for this superb posting!
    Przez kspm0220s3 lata temu
    Hello Grzegorz - It's a beautiful song - the lyrics deal with the obsessive nature of the first phaze of love. Due to the complicated nature of this composition - even though this tune is magnificent - it's hard to master for the performers since it requires a lot of vocal skills. Love this vid and everything about it. Thanks a million and have a great weekend coming up!!!
    Przez tango37213 lata temu
    Ginny Karyn (gigi129)
    This is exceptional and again you have outdone yourself with the vintage photos that are simply perfect!
    Thank you for sharing yet another great post!
    Favorite *****
    Przez Ginny Karyn (gigi129)3 lata temu