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    Zombie'd - 1.01, Or the angered villagers - Pretty in Geek

    Elize Morgan

    by Elize Morgan

    12 796 views
    A year in the life of gamers - this follows Dani as she attempts to lead a not-so-functional group of tabletop gamers in a year. In her group is Jason, the LARPing fighter (and token male), the less-than-legitimate player Erin, Anna a who plays fire mage with a temper to match, and Stacey - the one who just doesn't quite get it. Any of it. Ever.

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    Director: Vivian Lin
    Writer: Elize Morgan
    Producer: Courtney Wolfson
    Production Company:

    Todd Caryl
    Meaghan Fritchley
    Jennifer Krukowski
    Stefne Mercedes
    Elize Morgan

    Original Theme Song By: