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Mrs Erlynne is a Manhatten socialite in the 30's. She has both a seductive past and debts. To escape both she flees New York to the Amalfi Coast intending to rely on her charms to create a new life. She soon meets a young couple,Meg and Tom Windemere.Lord Windemere and Mrs Alleyne befriend each other as Tom tries to help Mrs Erlynne back into respectable society. Unfortunately their friendship is mistaken for an adulterous affair that fires delightfully salacious gossip. Lady Windemere, who is also being pursued by the rakish and persistent Lord Darlington, belatedly sees the threat but is unaware of the fact that Mrs Erlynne is her mother, whom she never knew. In her turn, Mrs Erlynne is pursued by the endearingly silly Tuppy. And so it goes...

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