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    Goonj Uthi Shehnai

    Lehren Movies

    by Lehren Movies

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    The film narrates the story of a Shehnai player. Childhood friends Gopi and Kishen used to love each other and to get married when they are grown up.Years pass by, both have grown up and Gopi's mom, Jamuna,fix her wedding with shekhar,who works for All India Radio. Shekhar visits them, meets Gopi, and approves of this marriage, and asks Jamuna to finalize a day for the marriage. When Gopi and Kishen come to know they became upset. Raghunath-the mentor want Kishen to marry her daughter Ramkali as guru-dakshina. Kishenleave the village and get settle in town. He becomes a rich man as his music reaches to every corner of India. Gopi and Kishen's romance is fated to end tragically - unless and until a miracle occurs that will unite them forever.