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"Findlay Chevrolet. Count on us for dependable Chevrolet Tire Service in Las Vegas and Henderson NV http://www.findlaychevrolet.com

It’s easy to overlook those four patches of rubber underneath your vehicle. However, keeping up with tire care yields better fuel economy, improved handling, and so much more. Rotating your tires periodically is essential to keeping your vehicle running at its best. There are different types of tire rotations, depending on your vehicle, the location of uneven wear, and the type of tire. The main reason for keeping up with tire rotations is to achieve uniform wear for all. Saving you money on fuel, and providing a better ride. Tires do need to be replaced from time to time too. For best all-around performance, the same tire should be used on all four wheels. Make sure you don’t mix sizes or patterns. Just ask your service provider or take a look at your owner’s manual to see which tire best suits your vehicle.

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