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Moments of Silence 2 - Entspannungsmusik mit Panflöte und Harfe (Relaxing Music)

il y a 5 ans934 views


Ruhige Entspannungsmusik vom Santec Music Orchestra gespielt mit Gitarre und Panflöte, begleitet von Harfe und Streichorchester.



The Moments of Silence CD is one of the bestsellers in relaxation music. The second CD follows the successful first edition, with both well known melodies and new arrangements, as well as some compositions by the Santec Music Orchestra. Selected natural instruments such as the harp, the panpipes and stringed instruments give you moments of silence which will leave you refreshed and empowered. New: new Moments of Silence CD also contains the guitar and the oboe. Enjoy the little breaks in your everyday life with this high quality relaxation music. - Zenitude Experience is your channel dedicated to giving you a relaxing
environment through peaceful nature scenes and music therapy. Calm your
mind, reduce your stress or reach a restful sleep thanks to videos
harmonizing both sight and hearing senses : nature sounds, soothing music,
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