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    by nollywoodbest

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    This is a movie about two friends(Alex Lopez and Tony Umez),They were in love from their secondary school days to their university,they will fight for each other,protect each other,Eucharia Anunobi was their university school mate,infact,Eucharie happens to be Alex lopez's room mate,Alex Lopez family was rich,she was the one helping him(Tony Umez) in school,most of the time he was not able to meet up with his school fees and other fees in school she pays the fees for him,she was his sponsor till they graduate,After their school days,they remained together,with the Girls father's contact, both of them were able to get a job but something happened,Tony Umez later saw Eucharia anunobi(Alex lopez room mate in school),The exchanged phone numbers and started seeing each other without the knowledge of the girl(Alex Lopez),Eucharia knew that both of them were still together because she asked him the day they exchanged phone numbers,She threw herself to him,she wanted him like a nympho,Eucharia now becomes more interested of keeping him all to her self,This persisted to the point that Tony umez has to throw his long time girl friend out of the house and bring Eucharia in,what an ill-grateful fellow,a girl that aided him all through his life,this is were the story begins...

    Starring-Patience Ozokwor(Mama G),Justus Esiri,Tony Umez,Alex Lopez,Nonso Diobi.