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    Danielle makes adjustments


    by JoanRose33

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    In the first half, take note of BB14 Danielle Murphree & Janelle Pierzina in relation to each other. Note that Danielle would have to look over her right shoulder to see Janelle. Then in the second half, you will see a repeat of the same time period with a different camera. It's hilarious to see Danielle tugging her boobs to jack them up and make them look bigger. She is trying to make her boobs look as big as Janelle's. Danielle has stated more than once in front of Shane that she is a 34DD, which just happens to be the same size as Janelle. After her boob adjustments, Danielle looks over her shoulder, at Janelle. You can almost hear the thoughts in Danielle's head..... "Janelle has got to go!" Danielle says she isn't catty. LOL. Yeah right. (This was from 8/8/12, just a day before Janelle is evicted by Danielle's doing.)