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Royal Baby on the Way for Prince William and Wife Kate

5 years ago197 views

Television networks around the world on Monday and Tuesday led with the news that Britain's Prince William and his wife Catherine are expecting a baby.

Destined to be the country's future monarch despite its gender, the news is particularly exciting. But the announcement was overshadowed when the mother-to-be went to the hospital for a type of morning sickness.The sickness causes severe nausea and vomiting, and requires supplementary hydration and nutrients.

ITN's Channel 4 News asked,

[Jon Snow, Chanel 4 News Anchor]:
"Tonight, how serious is that condition? And will politicians have got around to the long promised change in the act of succession to accord this first born whatever its sex the right to succeed its father to the throne?"

ITN evening news reported that Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron welcomed the news.

[Alistair Stewart, ITN News Anchor]
"The Prime Minister welcomed the news saying, 'They'd make wonderful parents.'
But the news was slightly overshadowed with concerns for Kate's health."

The announcement from St James's Palace in London made headline news in the Commonwealth countries.Australian and New Zealand TV networks reported on Tuesday that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first baby.

Channel Seven crossed live to London to speak to a reporter outside the hospital where the Duchess is being treated.Sandra Sully on Channel Ten reported that the Queen was pleased with Kate's pregnancy.

[Sandra Sully, Channel Ten]
"The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have given the Queen the best gift possible for her Diamond Jubilee - they're expecting."

ABC also ran the story as headline news. Newsreader Juanita Phillips told viewers,

[Juanita Phillips, ABC News]
"St James's Palace was forced to announce the pregnancy early after Kate was taken to hospital with severe morning sickness."

On World News Australia, presenter Anton Enus said,

[Anton Enus, World News Australia]
"It's been the topic of speculation, but now it's official. Prince William and wife, Kate, are expecting their first baby."

New Zealand's networks also reported the pregnancy at the top of their bulletins.

TVNZ newsreader Peter Williams opened his program with the words,

[Peter Williams, TVNZ Newsreader]
"The world is expecting."

The young royal couple became global stars after some two billion people tuned in to watch their marriage ceremony.

Now, barely a day goes by without a picture of the royal couple appearing in newspapers and tabloids across the globe.

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