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OW2con'12 Pierre Chatel

il y a 6 ans16 views

CHOReOS: Large Scale Choreographies for the Future Internet, from theory to practice - Pierre Chatel, Thales. Abstract : The CHOReOS ‘Large Scale Choreographies for the Future Internet’ European FP7 project that started 2 years ago, and is linked to OW2 Future Internet initiative, has now reached a certain level of maturity that is starting to gives concrete answers on how to move from choreography enactment theory, to its actual practice. More precisely, CHOReOS has defined several methods, toolkits and artifacts to enable this innovative distributed way of coordinating services, while at the same time dealing with some of the inherent difficulties to enacting choreographies in an [Ultra] Large Scale context. For instance, this covers being able to ‘execute’ choreography specifications over a network of discovered, dynamic, Business and Thing-based services. This presentation will cover the aforementioned topics and specific CHOReOS developments that were undertaken in its second year, while putting them in perspective of a simple practice-oriented and business-driven use-case in Air-Traffic Management.

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OW2con'12 Pierre Chatel
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