Urban Isolation

Marko Stout

by Marko Stout

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Marko Stout :: "American Dream" Show New York City 2012

Marko Stout is a contemporary New York City artist best known for his urban female figurative works. He holds advanced degrees in anatomy and medicine- drawing inspiration from many artists such as Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol, New York Street art and utilizing his past skills as a medical illustrator, Marko creates a stimulating narrative of the contemporary urban female. His subjects often appear in a moderate state of distress, overwhelmed by their modern high tech and stressed environment, while maintaining a cool elegant and sexy demeanor of a sophisticated twenty-first century city dweller. His works are now featured in numerous fine art galleries of New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and Miami, as well as London, Berlin, Australia and India. As well as solo shows in the SOHO and Chelsea areas of New York.
Marko resists any broad labels; his spiritual and psychologically complex portraits are the works of a deeply multifaceted artist. Dr. Stout's traditional analytical training as a physician and surgeon seems to stand in stark contrast to what appears as a raw reckless execution of art, requiring the viewer to take a more active role- unearthing meaning, motivation and agenda. This open new dimension in art along with Marko's bold "gonzo" irreverence for rigid establishment technique takes the viewer on an stimulating journey of self-discovery... enjoy the ride!

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Marko Stout gallery exhibits often include experimental post-new wave (la nouvelle vague) art films with emphasis on the elemental origins of modern urban vision and movement along with a preference for unconventional narrative structure and for his working with non-actors. Presenting “ art film for everyone”.
By Marko Stout 2 years ago