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    Hangover 3 Official Trailer: NMA Style

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    Let's face it, Hangover 3 is probably just going to be a repeat of Hangover 2 and Hangover 1. Is that going to stop us from seeing it? HECK NO!

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    The Wolfpack is getting back together for the Hangover 3, which is rumored to be the final installment of The Hangover movies. There are very few details about the third movie, but judging by the similarities between the sequel and the original, we decided we can basically predict how the entire movie is going to go. SPOILER ALERT: THIS IS NOT A SPOILER.

    Here is a combination of what we know and what we're predicting will happen.

    What is rumored:
    There will not be a wedding this time.
    It will take place in; Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Tijuana.
    Includes original cast and director.

    What do you think will happen in The Hangover 3?