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    Captain and the Kids****The Captains Pup (1938) (MGM)


    by andythebeagle

    The mangiest pup at Pete's Pooch Palace catches the Captain's eye. He takes it home, but Mama is less than thrilled; she forbids it to stay in the house. The Captain pretends to put it out, but hides it under his coat. At the dinner table, though, it is soon exposed. Confined to the back yard, the dog howls the night away. The Captain is sent outside to quiet it, but is too tired to make it out the door. He finally gets there and sneaks the dog back inside to his own bed. The dog sees the Captain's foot and seizes it like a rabbit, waking both the Captain and Mama. Exiled to the hallway, Hamlet (as the dog is now known) spots a mouse and chases it into the trap, giving the Captain in idea. He releases the mouse into Mama's room, then sends Hamlet in to chase it into the trap, and Hamlet is declared a hero. Misunderstanding, Hamlet rounds up a whole mouse family, getting both him and the Captain exiled to the back yard.