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    How I Developed Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (Radiation Meters)


    by radiationprotection


    I developed EHS in 2008 after purchasing a high-powered zero-turn lawnmower and proceeded to mow my 12 acre farm over the next three weeks. Starting the first week and increasing over the next three weeks of mowing, I developed three different rashes (the last one on my breast) that I did not relate to mowing. I went in for tests that showed I had extremely high levels of radiation, breast cancer and smaller amounts of colon and lung cancer.

    It took me a couple more weeks of mowing to find out the mower was the cause. The last time I finished mowing, I discovered a rash on my sternum – thymus area (the thymus is the gland that processes radiation in the body) – that was just like the other rashes. I grabbed my gauss meter and went to test the mower. Yep, the mower maxed out the meter instantly not even able to read the high magnetic fields they were so high.

    My cancer advanced at various points over the next two years to include brain, lymph and bone cancer. In my frantic search to find solutions, I was able to completely conquer the cancers from time to time but couldn’t keep them 'all gone - all the time' because of continued exposure to electromagnetic fields (my A/C unit which increases my cancer during winter and summer and should be gone soon).

    Though still not 100% well – I now feel great most of the time and have my life back. I continue to improve and find breakthroughs to progress my recovery. I can function pretty normally though I still must be very cautious in the presence of even moderate EMF radiation environments and constantly test with detectors when I am away from home.