Table for Two - (Original Song)

David Michael Cullen
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Well...I had this song idea....and thought I'd try and see if I could make it into a 'Swing' song...Never tried that before...This was back in 2005. When I'd finished it and wanted to get it to the 'demo' stage'...I asked my good friend and 'fab muso' Pete Shaw to do me the track....which he did a brilliant job on.....Have had a couple of vocals on the demo track, including Pete's, but decided recently to add my acoustic guitar over Pete's track together with my own Vocals and Harmony's??......It's only 3 and a half stick with it..and maybe enjoy.....Thanks.....Dave

Pete Shaw's YT Channel link:

Table for Two

We met on the Corner
At a quarter to nine
She Looked amazing
I could call it..Divine
Let's make the occasion
A night to review
I know where there's a Table for Two

We sat by the window
With a wonderful view
But I couldn't look at
Anything other than you
Call me Old fashioned -
Romantic - A Fool
We've got a table for two

Call up the waiter - Bring on the Wine
I can eat like a king - When I'm feeling so fine
Chill the champagne -- Love is long overdue
At our cosy little table for two

It was well after midnight
Everyone had gone home
The Band were still playing
So we danced on our own
She said 'Let's keep it together
Between me and You
Our forever - little table for two'

Repeat (Call up the waiter - etc)

Repeat (Call up the waiter - etc)

DMC July 2005 Lyric amendment Sept2012) Member PRS/BAC&S


Much appreciated comment....Many thanks regards....Dave
By David Michael Cullen last year
Hi Manni...Thank you for your kind comment.....Appreciated....Regards.....Dave
By David Michael Cullen last year
•۞•°*”˜Sweet Song˜”*°•۞•Thank You Dave, Best Wishes ~ Conny
By Miss Undercover last year
Great Music Dave !!! Ein Lieber Gruß Manni
By Manni last year
Thanks once again...Appreciate you taking the time to look and listen....and for your kind comment.....regards.....Dave
By David Michael Cullen last year
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