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    The Last Visit With My Sons On December 6th 2012


    by AntiCPSMom

    This video documents the last visit that I had with my beloved sons on December 6th 2012. The fake "Judge" on November 19th repeated Ana and DCYF's wishes as "court orders" and stated that after December 6th I cannot see my sons anymore. They claim that I am no longer their mother, even though I do not have a single document from these sham trials, or of these decisions which have been made, and I have had absolutely no due process.
    To better understand this situation go to the URL below to see a video interview with my husband who grows more irrational by the day:

    Since my husband has turned Judas on me, and has gotten into bed with these
    white-collared criminals he will be allowed to see our boys alone.

    Also go to this URL speaking about the November 20th visit:

    I felt extremely uncomfortable during my last visit. Not only did I have a huge amount of stress on me because of the situation that I am in, and because I did not know how to tell my sons that that was going to be my last visit with them, but also because these extremely limited visits breed abnormality (like everything that these agencies have done in our lives) in the way that I interact with my kids, because I cannot interact with them as I normally would. The time is so limited that everything has to be done super fast, so that the hectic environment breed only abnormal interaction. I only have 1 hour to do activities with them and talk to them, and feed them food that we bring them, so that the time goes by to quickly. This visit lasted 30 minutes over the hour, but the time was still limited.
    As if the hectic environment and the extreme stress were not bad enough, I have to endure being stared at as if I were a lab animal by the CASEY worker and if I show any awkwardness due to the stress and profound discomfort, it instantly get misconstrued as something negative. This visit was two days before Chanukah so I took my menorah and lighted all the candles because I would not be with my sons during Chanukah.
    I felt extremely uncomfortable during this visit, and felt trapped , as if I could not interact with my boys as I wanted to. I was always thinking that my time was running out.
    I was shocked by my sons' reaction at being told that that was my last visit. Considering the my youngest son in particular, in the past has become upset when he thought that he would not see me again, I was baffled by their mild indifference to being told the news, and wondered if Ana's conditioning of them might be the cause. My sons did hug and kiss me a lot, and my youngest boy did ask why the "Judge" had said that I cannot visit anymore, to which I responded that he believed lies told about me.
    When I mention "Gentiles" in reference to the Matthew 18:17 passage, it is referring to pagan Gentiles in Biblical times.