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    Cool toy 2013


    by Fantastic_Floatables

    Fantastic Floatables are the first Helium balloons that don't need to be tied down to keep them from floating away since balloons were invented over 185 years ago. They hover in mid-air simulating anti-gravity in outer space, neither rising to the ceiling or falling to the floor. Instead of using a string to hold them down, Fantastic Floatables have an exclusive "No Strings Attached" balloon weight control system (Patent pending) which allows anyone to easily control how high the balloon floats. Fantastic Floatables are available in hundreds of designs, last for weeks and are easily recharged.. They require no batteries yet move from room to room under their own power, . Recommended for all ages, Reasonably priced at only $1.99 to $8.99. Some simple assembly is required, but can be completed in under two minutes. Recommended for indoor use only.
    Every Earthling should own one! See lots more at